50th Anniversary Bahamas Trip


2021 marks the historic 50th Anniversary of the Founding of CBTU. It was half a century ago that Bill Lucy, Jack Edwards, Charlie Hayes, Cleveland Robinson, and Bill Simons led a contingent of Black unionists to formally establish the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists. It was their courage, their strength, their wisdom, and their fearlessness that has gotten us to this moment in time, and Black workers now more than ever need CBTU to fight with them and for them, on the shop floor, in the streets, and in the union halls.

There is an old labor song “Bread and Roses” that rings so true. It states that “Yes, it is Bread we fight for—but we fight for Roses, too.” Brothers, sisters, members, friends, and family we are pleased to offer some Roses to go with the Bread taxed on you to help keep this movement alive. To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of CBTU we are pleased to offer an All Inclusive Bahamas Package.

We have been able to secure reasonable rates at an amazing venue for us to gather as family, break bread, and enjoy each others company without the work for once. Celebrate the founding of CBTU in the Bahamas with your CBTU family as we partake in the festivities and accommodations of an all inclusive resort. To ensure that this is affordable and possible, we have been able to set up a payment plan where for the minimum of $100 per month you can pay it all off prior to the trip. An all inclusive means food and beverage are covered and not additional to the trip. I have attached the package and payment plan to this message.

All information pertaining to the rooms and rates can be found by clicking the registration link below. Please contact National Headquarters if you have any questions.

Click here to register for CBTU 50th Anniversary Celebration