CBTU Under40 Leaders Committee


Chair: Olúwadáminí Melvin, CWA

Vice-Chair: Natasha Isma, AFSCME



Article XI, Section IV – Under 40 Young Leaders Committee

The Under 40 Young Leaders Committee shall be a standing committee
of the International Coalition of Black Trade Unionists. The Under 40
Young Leaders Committee will provide younger members with the
opportunity to learn about the right history of CBTU and the labor
movement through mentorship and education, and will both empower
and help in the development of young leaders from the next generation
to carry the torch for issues impacting our Black youth.

Members will be added to the standing Under 40 Young Leaders Committee
by election from their Regions. Elections will be held at the same time as
regularly scheduled regional elections. A maximum of ten (10) members can
be added to the Under 40 Young Leaders Committee and the regional body.
The Regional Representative shall also provide assistance to the Chapters’
Under 40 Young Leaders Committees in their region in the development
and implementation of local and regional mentorship opportunities,
educational programs, and activities that benefit our young workers and out
communities, in a manner that promotes the goals and objectives of CBTU.