On Tuesday, September 29, Vice-President Biden debated Donald Trump—or so we were told. Instead of a debate we as a nation witnessed a national embarrassment. The individual in the white house is unhinged, irrational, vulgar, and feral. While there will be numerous critiques of what Trump said and did on stage, one thing must be taken very seriously. Donald Trump supports white supremacists, calls their organization by name, and publicly ordered them to stand by—like soldiers awaiting commands from their leader. To be clear, Donald Trump ordered Neo-Nazis to stand back and stand by at his command. This is a direct threat to all People of Color, LGBTQ+ members, Jewish and Muslim worshippers, and any person who is not a White Racist.

This moment cannot be taken lightly. America has seen this white house encourage violent acts against protestors. We have seen law enforcement let a murderer in Kenosha walk away with the murder weapon and drive home. When the president of this country tells an “extremist organization” - as labeled by the FBI - to stand back and stand by, this is an order from a leader to his troops. Trump is a leader of white supremacists and on national television he gave them orders.

There is no turning back at this point. This nation will either move forward and heal, or allow a Nazi sympathizer to continue to occupy the white house. He would not condemn white supremacy. He spoke directly to the Proud Boys, a misogynist and racist organization, in a positive and supportive way. Our safety is at risk when the man in power is publicly giving orders to Nazi’s with no shame or remorse. We must vote, we have to vote, for the safety of our children our vote matters more now than ever.