CBTU Post-Election Statement: Win and Defend

We knew the results of Tuesday’s presidential election would be close and bitterly contested. But it now appears Joe Biden is on a path to defeat Donald Trump, legally and legitimately, and become the 46th president of the United States. While the final, official tally might be days or weeks away, Biden has loyal Black voters to thank (again) for pushing him across the finish line ahead of Trump in key battleground states like Michigan and Wisconsin. Black folks made a defiant statement with their votes, in spite of long lines, shaky mail options and their fears of the coronavirus.

But until the election results are officially certified, we must insist and make sure every vote is secured and counted. We already know The Occupant in the White House will do anything and everything to obstruct the vote count and steal the election. He has made clear his disdain for democracy and his intent to overturn the will of the American people expressed at the polls. CBTU vehemently denounces Donald J. Trump’s racist rants, intended to spread dangerous lies and to undermine the legitimacy of a possible Biden win.

We call upon Republican leaders like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to immediately and unequivocally repudiate Trump’s baseless attacks on valid mail-in ballots. For Republicans and so-called conservative leaders to remain in cowardly silence is dangerous, divisive and despicable.

Let’s not mince words, Donald Trump is not an aberration; he is a mirror and millions of Americans, sadly, see themselves in his image and silently embrace his evil. So, while we hope for the best, we cannot be naive about the threats coming from the White House. Therefore, CBTU will remain vigilant to ensure ALL VOTES are counted without delay or interference.

We are so proud of all our volunteers and chapter leaders who poured time, tears, and the last ounce of their energy into this election — even in the midst of a pandemic and relentless obstacles targeted at Black voters. They never flinched. They brought the protests to the polls. They drove voters to drop off their ballots; sent text messages and made phone calls; displayed “Just Vote” signs. Their sacrifice and love was rewarded in a massive turnout by Black voters. Thank you so, so much.

While we don’t know exactly what will unfold in the days and weeks ahead, we are not helpless. We should be prepared to “Win and Defend.” That means being ready to mobilize our members and communities to defend a legal and legit election outcome. Yes, we are bone tired, but not too tired to finish the fight of our lives with the dignity and resolve of our ancestors.

The struggle continues.