On August 24, police officers in Kenosha, Wisconsin shot Jacob Blake 7 times in the back. This is not based off an opinion, a report, or testimony. We know this because we all watched it. Just like we watched George Floyd die. His children watched him get shot. Supported and condoned by the very institution meant to protect and serve. The bodies continue to pile up. The abuses continue unabated. Apparently months of protests have yet to prove that Black Lives Matter.

There will be the usual trolls who will climb off their perch of racism and hatred and throw silly justifications like dung. “If you just listen you wouldn’t have a problem” or “If you did nothing wrong you wouldn’t be in trouble.” Yet in all of these arguments you never hear once how this justifies the death of a human being. How does turning your back on a cop explain being shot seven times in the back? What do we tell our children? Don’t turn your back on a cop. Hold your breathe for real long just in case they choke you. Make sure if they kick in your door in the middle of the night and shoot at you, that you don’t get in the way of their bullets.  What do we tell our Black babies? How do we explain that a Black life has less value than a cigar or cigarettes or a $20 bill?

There will be no peace until there is justice. We do not accept explanations or justifications. We do not accept inquiries or investigations. We do not accept taking a knee or making Juneteenth a holiday.  We demand justice. We deserve justice. We have died for justice. Begin with justice for Jacob Blake.