In May of 2019 at CBTU’s 48th International Convention we held a straw poll on who Black voters want to see as President and Vice-President. At the time there over two dozen nominees. By a resounding margin Joe Biden was selected as the top candidate our members wanted to see run for president. In a prophetic twist of fate the top Vice-Presidential candidate was Kamala Harris. Today Biden has officially announced that Kamala Harris will be his running mate in 2020. CBTU we have read the tea leaves and made our voice heard.

        When we endorsed Vice-President Biden we did so knowing there was work to be done. He is not a perfect candidate but he is our best candidate, our best choice, and our best pick. He is the only option we have to not only end the Trump pandemic, but to also advance the Black agenda in Washington. Kamala Harris is a step in the right direction. She too has proven herself a capable leader with a sharp mind and a compassion for her community. She also has evolved on her positions regarding criminal justice reform and institutional racism.

       A Biden/Kamala ticket is a winning ticket for Democrats, for workers, and for the Black community. Both have shown a level of insight and compassion in these times—something overtly missing from their opponents. Both Biden and Kamala have fallen on the right side of history in this moment while we see Trump and Pence endorsing white nationalists, fascist policies, and crazy conspiracies.

      CBTU is proud of our endorsement of Biden and proud of Kamala Harris as the Vice-Presidential pick. These two  will lead our country to recovery and both have never been to Epstein island - something the Republicans can’t say.